Teak Park Benches – Blend of Style, Convenience and Durability

No matter if it is intended for private or commercial use, park bench must look stylish, offer a high level of comfort and be able to withstand the outdoor elements at the same time. And of course, it should be durable. Sounds too much to ask? How about if you add to all the mentioned quality ease of care? Believe it or not but teak park benches have it all.

Teak is a tropical hardwood which has a unique golden brown colour and rich grain that make an immediate impression. Just like other types of wood, it can be worked into a wealth of styles and designs but in contrary to most other types of wood, teak is not vulnerable to the outdoor elements. It contains a high level of natural oils which make it literally outdoor-proof. Teak is not vulnerable to rain and high moisture levels nor direct sunlight exposure or termites. It needs no protective treatments to be made suitable for outdoor use and can be left outdoors all year round regardless of the weather conditions. And even if it is left outdoors all year round without any protection whatsoever, teak easily lasts an entire lifetime. Other types of wood in best case last about two to three decades under condition that they are periodically treated with protective coatings, while many also need to be stored indoors during the winter months in order to extend their durability.

The only downside of teak park benches is their price. Teak is unfortunately very rare wood and as a result, high demand for its outstanding properties, unique beauty and virtually no care required (it only needs to be periodically cleaned) drive its prices up. But since it outperforms other types of wood in both durability and ease of care, the initially higher investment pays off in the long run. Once you buy a teak park bench, you will be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life which cannot be claimed for other types of wooden outdoor furniture. But what about the risk of theft? Unfortunately, fine piece of outdoor furniture are at increased risk of theft, especially those that are used in public areas and commercial establishment but most teak park benches come with ground anchor fixings which mount the bench to the ground and make it impossible to move without specialised tools.

Generally, you do not need to worry about quality of the timber and manufacture if you are buying teak garden benches because they are made to meet the needs of public/commercial uses. However, you are recommended to make sure that it is built from grade A teak and that it is fully machine made. Why? Because grade B and C teak is inferior timber which cannot withstand the exposure to the outdoor extremes and because only fully machine made benches offer industrial strength which is an imperative for public/commercial uses.

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