Park Benches – Not Just for Public Places

The first association with park benches are of course various public places such as parks, shopping centres, zoos, bus stops, etc. They are indeed typically built for commercial uses, however, they are also a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area to improve its comfort or add an additional touch of beauty to your garden, or both.

The main difference between the traditional outdoor benches which are built for private use and those that are made from commercial uses is the choice of materials and quality of construction. Not that garden benches are not made from quality materials and highest quality workmanship standards, however, park benches are made with an extra attention to sturdiness, durability and strength because they are intended to be used by a large number of people. At the same time, they are typically also made from long lasting and heavy materials. These do not only increase their longevity but also make them very difficult to move which dramatically reduces the risk of theft. But other than that, there is no major difference between park benches and those that are intended for private use.

Just like the traditional garden benches, park benches are available in a variety of styles and designs, and are not only built to provide a place to sit and relax. They are also made to increase the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area and often look very decorative in order to create an inviting ambiance. In fact, many park benches look more stylish and trendy than those seen in private gardens and backyards and are a great addition to every garden regardless of its style.

As mentioned earlier, park benches are made with a great deal of attention to sturdiness and durability. Since they are intended to be used by a large number of people, they must be built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear which requires both the highest quality workmanship and materials. Popular materials for park benches include natural stone, concrete and metal because they are virtually indestructible, require little maintenance and can be left outdoors all year round. However, they can also be made from wood which gives the outdoor area a homely feel and highly sophisticated look at the same time.

Unfortunately, most types of wood cannot withstand the exposure to the harsh outdoor elements which is why wooden park benches are often stored away during the winter. At the same time, they need periodic protective treatments to be able to withstand the weather extremes ranging from rain, intense UV light, rapid temperature changes, etc. Most public places and commercial establishments therefore decide for teak park benches which offer all the beauty of the traditional wooden seats and convenience of stone and concrete. In contrary to other types of wood, teak is naturally resistant to the outdoor elements and as a result, it does not require any protective treatments not indoor storage during the winter. Teak park benches are more expensive than those made from the traditional types of wood, however, they are more cost efficient in the long term because they can easily last a lifetime even if left exposed to the outdoor extremes all year round.

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