Park Benches – Industrial Strength yet Trendy Outdoor Furniture

Park benches are intended to be used in public places and for commercial uses such as restaurants, hotels, etc. As a result, they must not only be able to withstand the exposure to the outdoor elements, in the first place unfavourable weather but they also must be able to withstand heavy use. Park benches must be strong and sturdy, however, they also must look inviting for the investment to pay off. Of course, they also must be durable and theft-proof. This dramatically reduces options when it comes to both material and design, however, park benches have come a long way from the cold concrete and stone that used to dominate parks and other public places.

More and more public and commercial establishments decide for park benches that create a less "public" look and instead create a more pleasant and sort of homely look and feel. This has been made possible thanks to changes in the outdoor furniture industry. A few years ago, industrial strength yet trendy park benches were exclusively custom made and very expensive but fortunately, those days a long gone and the choice of stylish commercial outdoor furniture at an affordable price has never been better. Even the traditional concrete and stone benches are made with a greater deal of attention to style. Finding good looking park benches which also offer industrial strength and durability is therefore no longer as difficult (and expensive) as it used to be.

Most public and commercial establishments still prefer park benches which are made from heavy, difficult to move and long lasting materials such as metal, stone and concrete. As mentioned earlier, they look more appealing than they used to, however, these materials are a cold and not particularly comfortable place to sit unless they are used with cushions and pillows which is unpractical if they are intended for commercial use. Many commercial establishments who want to provide they customers with a comfortable and aesthetically appealing place to sit therefore decide for wooden park benches instead.

In contrary to metal, stone and concrete, wood does not require any extras such as cushions to make it comfortable. At the same time, wood is a lot easier to work with than the mentioned materials and thus it is a lot easier to find wooden park bench which offers a perfect blend of comfort and beauty. Wooden park benches are not as heavy but the risk of theft that also must be considered when choosing outdoor furniture for public or commercial uses can easily be virtually eliminated by ground anchors which secure the bench to the ground. And if made from the right type of wood such as teak for instance which does not require any protective treatments to be suitable for outdoor use, wooden park benches are just as convenient as those made from metal, stone and concrete. Teak is also one of the strongest types of wood available and can last a lifetime requiring only occasional cleaning to keep it in top shape.

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