Park Benches – Choosing the Right One

The main idea of park benches is to offer a place to sit and relax outdoors as well as to give the outdoor area an additional appeal. But since park benches are typically used in public places and commercial establishments, comfort and trendiness are not enough to achieve the desired effect. They are of course highly important if you want people to actually use them, however, since they will be exposed to the damaging outdoor elements and heavy use, you are also recommended to pay attention to the factors below when choosing park benches:

Strength. Obviously, park benches must be strong in order to be able to withstand heavy use and offer the users a comfortable and aesthetically appealing place to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Strength of the benches depends on several factors but above all, the quality of workmanship and material. There must be no tolerance to imperfections because they do not only affect the beauty of the bench but may also affect its strength. Since there is always a risk of hidden imperfections such as poorly fitting tenon and mortise joint, you are recommended to choose fully machine made benches because it is the only way to be sure that there are no hidden faults that could affect the strength of the bench. Materials which are strong enough to withstand heavy use include wood, metal, stone and concrete.

Durability. Park benches are not inexpensive and for that reason it is crucial for them to last in order for the investment to return. Just like strength, durability of the bench depends primarily on quality of workmanship and material. Obviously, the bench must be well made if you want it to last but it should also be built from material which remains unaffected by the exposure to the outdoor elements and heavy use. Again, good choices are wood, metal, stone and concrete. But if you are considering wooden park benches, keep in mind that with the exception of a few such as teak which easily lasts a lifetime, most types of wooden outdoor furniture last at most two to three decades.

Maintenance. Park benches which are intended for public or commercial uses should require as little maintenance as possible for both practical and financial reasons. You are therefore recommended to focus on materials which do not require any special care to keep them looking beautiful and extend their durability. Examples include metal, stone, concrete and woods which are naturally resistant to the outdoor elements such as teak. All the mentioned materials require only routine cleaning except for metal which should be periodically checked for signs paint peeling and protected with anti-corrosion coating if necessary.

Cost. The cost of the benches is of course highly important, especially if you want to buy a larger quantity. However, it is a good idea to invest in quality park benches because in the long term, they are less expensive than the cheap versions which sometimes need to be replaced as early as with two seasons.  

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