Advantages of Park Benches Over Other Types of Outdoor Seating

Park benches offer several advantages over other types of outdoor seating and are most certainly worth considering if you need an additional seating area in your garden, patio or terrace. Here are the top 5 reasons why choose park benches over other types of seating:

Space saving. Believe it or not but park benches actually help save space. They are intended for people to sit more close and as a result, you can create enough seating space for three in the very same area that normally has enough room for two chairs. Chairs may be more convenient and comfortable but if you are tight on space, you obviously have to make some sacrifices although it does not necessarily mean that you are sacrificing comfort by choosing benches over chairs. On the contrary, carefully selected park benches can be just as cosy and appealing place to sit as chairs.

Less vulnerable to wear and tear. In contrary to chairs which are frequently moved, park benches are usually permanently mounted to the ground and are meant to be left in place. As a result, they are less vulnerable to the effects of wear and tear despite the fact that they often accommodate three to four people at the same time. And the more they are resistant to wear and tear the longer they will look and feel good.

Lower risk of theft. Unfortunately, theft is something all public and commercial establishments have to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. Beautifully made pieces of furniture are especially vulnerable to theft and park benches are no exception. But in contrary to other types of outdoor seating, park benches are typically made to be heavy with an aim to make them impossible to move or to be permanently mounted to the floor. By choosing benches over chairs which obviously have to be lightweight and easy to move, you can dramatically lower the risk of theft and protect your investment.

Stylish. Empty chairs look kind of sad no matter how beautifully they are made. Benches, on the other hand, look highly decorative even if no one is using them and create a sort of inviting atmosphere. Also, they blend perfectly with the natural surroundings, especially if they are made from a natural material which has made them an indispensable feature of every park as well as many gardens where they have both practical and decorative value.

Cost effective. A fine park bench is never inexpensive, however, you can create a seating space for more people with the same amount of money by using benches rather than chairs. For the cost of two sturdy, industrial strength chairs you can easily get a high quality, commercial grade park bench for three.

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